Chapter 4


Focus questions p134

Key words

Schools reflect and promote what?

Goals for schools identified by Goodlad

Three waves of reform

What is a school for?

Home Schooling: pros & cons

            Reasons to home school



            Tom & Susan Ranew specifics


Chapter 5


Focus questions p175

Key words

If students are to succeed in school, they must…….

How time is used in the classroom.

Teachers as gatekeepers

Two thirds rule


Adolescent culture

Characterize the verbal interaction in a typical classroom

differences between tracking and ability grouping

effective schools



Chapter 6


Focus questions p218

Key words

All types of curriculum (formal, explicit, hidden, etc)

Whole language

Reform reports

17th, 19th and 20th century perspective

Explain Robert Slavin’s saying – “education is like fashion and design”

Describe “back-to –basics movement

contemporary subject matter trends and tension points


Chapter 7


Focus questions p.255

Key words

Who and what shape the curriculum?

Seven forms of bias found in textbooks and curricular materials

Content standards, performance standards, and opportunity-to-learn standards.

Alfie Kohn

Saber-Tooth Curriculum