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Chapter One

 1.         Which of the following is generally considered a positive aspect of the teaching profession?

2.         Teachers in colonial times

3.         The normal school established in 1823, in Concord , Vermont ,

4.         The program Teach for America

5.         Comparing teaching with Southwest Airlines, one finds

6.         In colonial times, teaching was regarded as ___________

7.         Horace Mann helped establish the first ____________normal school.

Chapter Two

8.         Learning styles can best be characterized as _______________

9.         Learning styles are affected by the ____________abilities of the students.

10.        "Locus of control" refers to

11.        (A student who says, "I failed the test because the fire alarm went off in the middle of the test" appears to exhibit

12.        Howard Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences" refers to

13         By the year 2020, "minority" students will make up approximately what percentage of the school population?

14.        Imagine that you are assigned to teach in a class with some students who come from different cultural backgrounds, and a few students who have been diagnosed as special needs learners. Perhaps the most effective approach to teaching these diverse students would be

15.        Which statement best describes the history of bilingual education in the U.S. ?

16.        The largest population of exceptional learners are the

17.        "Least-restrictive environment" refers to

18.        Research shows that the gifted

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Chapter 3
19.        Engaged time is

20.        In order to promote more efficient use of classroom time, classroom rules should be

21.        You have just been assigned to teach a class that has several management problems. In order to reduce or eliminate these problems, you decide to

22.        Which of the following describes Bloom's Taxonomy?

23.        Lower-order questions

24.        Teachers' questions are usually

25.        Higher-order questions are most effectively used during

26.        A teacher asks a student to grade her own research paper - and to justify her grade. Identify the level of this task on Bloom's Taxonomy.

27.        The amount of time a teacher typically waits to call on a student after asking a question is:

28.        When asking questions, teachers tend to give more wait time to students who they expect

29.        The most frequent teacher reaction is

30.        Cooperative learning groups work best when

31.        After having attended a workshop on problem-based learning, you decide to try it out. You realize that a key teacher role in this approach is to

Chapter 4

32.        A state establishes “standards” which students must meet in order to graduate. The state is most likely focusing on which broad educational goal?

33.        Which of the following was the influential report that focused the nation's attention on the need for education reform, and set in motion the first of three waves of reform that have been buffeting American schools since the 1980s?

34. Home schooled students

35         Tom and Susan Ranew home schooled all of their children. They created
 36.       All the following are reasons for home schooling except

37.        The Ranew family considers the _________ their classroom.

38.        Susan Ranew believes that as teachers we should

39.        The negative side of home schooling appears in some college students.

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Chapter 5

40.        In Life in Classrooms, Philip Jackson characterizes school life as

41.        The “rule of two-thirds,” uncovered by Ned Flanders, indicates that

42.        Which of the following best describes a characteristic of adolescent culture in school?

Chapter 6

43.        A major difference between the formal and the hidden curriculum is

44.        The formal curriculum of the 17th century was primarily concerned with

45.        Literacy and vocational competence became important school goals in the 19th century due to the forces of

46.        The whole language movement focuses on

Chapter 7

47.        Teachers shape the curriculum by

48.        The federal government influences curriculum by

49.        Academic subjects considered sensitive from a religious context include

Chapter 8

50.        In early colonial times, education was aimed at

51.        The “Old Deluder Satan Law” of 1647 required that

52.        Only 15 years after arriving in America , the Puritans established the

53.        In the colonial period, which area offered the most structured, formal education?

54.        Which one of the following features of U.S. education today CANNOT be traced to colonial times?

55.        The first real textbook used in 18th century colonial schools promoting not only mastery of the alphabet but also religious morality was the

56.        Benjamin Franklin’s Academy upheld all of the following principles regarding education EXCEPT

57.        Education became a state responsibility through the

58.        The common school movement represented

59.        The name most closely associated with the common school movement is

60.        Which of the following best describes the “gendered” nature of teaching in the U.S. ?

61.        The name most closely associated with progressive education is

62.        The decision outlawing racial segregation in schools was

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Chapter 9

63.        Which ONE of the following is a teacher-centered philosophy of education?

64.        Essentialists would be likely to place the most emphasis on

65.        The idea that classic ideas are not only relevant but should be the focus of contemporary education reflects

66.        Progressivism’s foremost educational advocate was

67.        Many progressivists believe that

68.        John Dewey founded a famous experimental school to test his ideas.  That school was

69.        Which of the following is a model of social reconstructionism?

70.        One who believes in the existentialist philosophy of education believes schooling should

71.        Before beginning a new unit on the water cycle, a teacher asks her students what experiences they’ve had with water in nature (rain, rivers, the ocean, and the like). The teacher is MOST LIKELY using

72.        The use of a system of positive reinforcement to encourage desired behavior is based on

73.        Unlike existentialists, __________ believe that free will is an illusion and that human nature is shaped by the environment.

74.        Today’s focus on stronger standards and more testing of both students and teachers best fits which philosophy of education?

75.        Which of the following best describes informal education?

76.        The Socratic method involves

77.        The founder of the Academy in Athens was

78.        The idea of eternal “forms” underlying all existence comes from

79.        Which of these statements would an advocate of a teacher-centered educational philosophy be most likely to make?

80.        A teacher at your school believes children should be made to reason deductively; another teacher favors lots of hands-on learning activities. These teachers appear to hold different views of 

81         The branch of philosophy most concerned with what schools might cover in a course on values is

Choose the century in which each form of schooling first appeared in our nation’s history.

.17th      18th       19th       20th

82.  academies  83.        colleges and universities 84. common schools      85..       dame schools    86.        English grammar schools 87.        high schools      88.        home schooling 89.        junior high schools        

90.        Latin grammar schools   100.middle schools

chapter 10


101.  Which of the following best describes the system of funding U.S. schools?

102.      Local communities raise most of their educational revenues through

103.      What are the biggest sources of state funding for schools?

104.The contribution of the federal government has shifted in recent years

105.      A call for accountability in schools means that people want

106.  Which entity is most likely to conduct educational research and development?

107. Local school board members tend to be

108.      School boards are often criticized for

Chapter 11

109. It is illegal for prospective employers to question an applicant’s

110. The principle protecting a teacher’s right to teach without coercion, censorship, or other restrictive interference

111.      Legal liability has been least firmly associated with

112. The principle protecting a teacher’s right to teach without coercion, censorship, or other restrictive interference

113. The Buckley Amendment ensures the rights of ______ to access educational records.

114.      A child who is expelled for bringing nail clippers to school is probably feeling the consequence of

115.      A teacher who suspects a child is the victim of child abuse

116.  In Marion County if you are elected to the school board your term lasts ______years.

117.  The superintendent of Marion county is __________.

118..  Since 1991 we (in Marion County ) 25.  Which entity of the typical state school system is responsible for the following: Levy taxes, license teachers and other educators, set standards for school attendance, safety, etc, outline minimum curricular and graduation standards, regulate the nature and size of local school districts.

119.  Which entity of the typical state school system is responsible for the following: implement state regulations and policies, create and implement local policies and practices for effective school administration, hire school personnel, provide neede funds and build appropriate facilities, fix salaries and working conditions, translate community needs into educational practice, initiate additional curriculum, licensing, or other requirements beyond state requirements, create current and long-range plans for the school district.

120.  Most nations have a national ministry of education, which determines what and how children are taught in all parts of those nations, in the United States the legal responsibility for public education resides

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121.  The state board of education is responsible for

122.  Today, the ______________is the most powerful education officer in the school district, responsible for budgets, buildings, new programs, daily operations, long-term goals, short-term results, and recruiting, hiring, demoting, and firing personnel,

123.  Although liability litigation usually involves physical injury to students because of what a teacher did or failed to do, a new line of litigation, called ____________, is concerned with “academic damage.”

 We have had _____ school(s) built per year.

124.  A legal principle that allows the limited use of copyrighted materials is called ___________.

125.  Teachers must observe three criteria in selecting the material to copy:

126. How many members are on the Marion County School Board?

127.  The salary for a school board member is $________ per year.

128.   School readiness starts at

129.  ____________ works with homeless, teen parents, community awareness, school system, head start, early head start, and CDS.

130.  According to our guest speakers it is believed that a child’s education level will be the same as the ______ education level

131.  Critical development bonding time is from birth to ___years, if they are not reached by age__ they are lost

132.  Research proves that ______________ makes a difference in academic success.

133.The article entitled The dirt on dirt shows how students should be _______ for their actions and should not constantly let people in their lives ___________.

134. Mrs. Pantazis shared some of her centers with us in order to show us

135.In the Video, The First Years, Maurice the kindergarten teacher helped Tyquan after school because:

136.  The First Year video was a clear example of ……….


137. Characterize the verbal interaction in a typical classroom. Who talks, how much, for what reason?

138. Should we demand uniforms in all schools? Why or why not?

139. What makes a school effective?

140.  If students are to succeed in school they must be able to cope with continual _______ as a standard __________  __________.



141. The vision of the Suzuki Charter School is ….

142. Six years ago, few students at Roy Sunada’s school went on to college. Now, eight out of 10 seniors are determined to earn a degree. What do you think is his secret? (Parade article about the AP director)

143. How isThe Pay It Forward Movement is carried out every year in the classroom?

144.  What are some new technologies we can use in the classroom?

145.  Being __________with your rules and how you treat each child is one of the most important things for you as a teacher

146.  What is a rubric form of grading?

147.  Presentation questions TBA

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